Illumicrate started life as a quarterly subscription box, and we're proud that we were the first UK book subscription box! We launched in the summer of 2015, and our very first box was November 2015. We now offer 2 monthly subscriptions: a full box subscription and a book only subscription which features the books included in our monthly boxes.

We also offer special editions, both full boxes focused on a particular author or fandom and a range of special edition book offerings as well. We also hold virtual signings and in 2019 we launched our Debut Boxes, showcasing new debut authors.

We often make announcements on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. You can also subscribe to receive emails . We send a monthly newsletter, plus the occasional email announcing our next Illumicrate Edition box or other big news.

If a box did not sell out prior to shipping, then we keep them up for sale in our shop if you can't find a past box there, it means we don't have any more, sorry! We also sometimes sell the books from our monthly box and book subscriptions in our shop too.

While we don't regularly sell individual items, very occasionally we do have sales of individual items we have left over. These sales will be announced on our social media so keep your eyes peeled!

All our Illumicrate Editions and Illumicrate Collections are sold as one-off boxes, which means once they're sold out they wont be restocked in the future.


We currently offer full box subscriptions and book only subscriptions featuring the books from our full box subscriptions. Each of these options also comes with a pin, designed by Fable & Black, and inspired by the book of the month.
For each of our subscriptions you can choose from the following plans:
Monthly Subscription: you will receive our box/book monthly and your renewal will be charged on the first day of each month.
3 Month Prepaid Subscription: you will receive our box/book monthly and your renewal will be charged on the first day of every third month
6 Month Prepaid Subscription: you will receive our box/book monthly and your renewal will be charged on the first day of every sixth month

We offer a carefully curated monthly subscription box, and each month you will receive:
- An exclusive edition of a newly released book, hand-picked by professional bookworms
- An accompanying pin inspired by the book in the box, and designed by Fable & Black
- 4-6 themed items, exclusive to Illumicrate
- Exclusive content from publishers and authors
We work with amazing independent suppliers, publishers & authors to provide quality, exclusive content & design across our books and items to enhance your reading experience.

Check out our Past Boxes section for an example of what to expect!

The books we include will usually be the UK edition of books and exclusive to Illumicrate where possible. We aim to offer an exclusive finish for each book, such as sprayed edges or a different cover. We include books of all genres, generally aimed towards a YA or crossover readership.

We only include newly released books released a maximum of 45 days prior to the shipping date so the chances of our subscribers already owning the book will be as slim as possible. Sometimes, we are also able to ship the books ahead of the release date.

Each box’s theme is announced roughly 4-8 weeks prior to shipment of that box, giving you plenty of time to purchase it. We will also announce at least some of the fandoms represented in the box and we do regular supplier reveals on our social media and in our newsletters as well.

Yes! You can skip a month in any of our subscriptions, including if you're on a 3 or 6 month plan, by filling out our customer support form and requesting it. We cannot skip your first box/book only, but once you have had your first month we can skip any future ones for you. We hope future months' themes and fandoms interest you more!

We are sorry to see you go! Before you consider cancellation, did you know you can skip a month in your subscription if one isn't of interest to you? If you really have to cancel, you can do so at any time by logging into your account on this website. However, you will still receive any months you have paid for prior to your cancellation.

If you have already paid for the crate and want a refund, this you must fill out our Customer Support form to request it before the box has shipped. Please note that you cannot get a refund for a pre-paid subscription plan once you have paid for it.

Pricing, Billing & Payments

Our monthly full box subscription boxes costs £27 per box plus shipping
Our monthly book only subscription costs £17 per month plus shipping
We also offer 3 and 6 month subscription plans which come with a slight discount and are valid for rep code use.
Our Illumicrate Editions will have various pricing plus shipping.

If you are having your order delivered to the UK or a country in the European Economic Area, you will also be charged VAT unless you have ordered the book only subscription.

Please note that all our prices are in Great British Pounds (£ / GBP).

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards and you can also pay via Paypal, for both subscriptions and single purchase orders.

For single purchase orders you can also pay via ApplePay.

Our renewal date is the 1st of the month (so 1st January for the January box). This is the case for both existing and new subscribers. When you first subscribe, you aren't charged for your box until the renewal date for that box, so if you subscribed on 23rd Feb for the March box, you are charged on 1st March.

Log into your account. On the left hand side is a menu bar, and one of the options is 'payment methods'. Click that, and you will then be able to add and delete payment methods.

If you're changing your payment method for a subscription, you will need to make sure that the correct payment method is saved to the subscription as well. Click 'Subscriptions' on the menu bar, and you will be able to see and update the payment method saved to your subscription/s there

You can log into your account and make sure your payment information is correct, and our system will try the renewal payment again a number of times over a period of 5 days and will also send you an email to enable you to make a manual payment. If you need further help, please fill in our Customer Support Form .

Our full box subscription has a single purchase option every month, which means you only buy and pay for that month and are charged when you order. Our book only option is currently only available on subscription, but you are able to skip months by filling out our customer support form and requesting it.

For all single purchases (i.e not a subscription) whether that is a monthly box or one of our special edition products, you are charged when you order.


Our box and book only subscriptions are both shipped monthly. We aim to ship start shipping both by 20-25th of each month.
If you order any past monthly boxes/books, these will ship with the next subscription box to go out.

We aim to ship our special editions on or around the release date of the book included. Any orders for one off items (such as exclusive books) will ship according to the information provided on the product listing.

Yes, we can ship to almost every country! There are a few exceptions, we cannot ship to: China, El Salvador, Guadalupe, Haiti, Russia and Saudi Arabia. This is because our shipping company is unable to deliver in these countries, sorry!

You can see a full list of shipping rates for our products here. These shipping costs do NOT include customs and other taxes that may be due within your country. All customs and other taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

This depends on what you're ordering, some of our products have different shipping costs. You can see a full list of shipping rates for our products here. These shipping costs do NOT include customs/duties and other taxes that may be due within your country. All customs and other taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

In most cases, no. Our boxes cannot be combined with any other order, and most of our special edition books etc ship at set times. If you are ordering multiples of a special edition book, or past monthly books/other items, we may be able to combine shipping. Our system cannot do this automatically however, so please fill out our customer support form to request it.

Most of the couriers we use are happy to deliver to a P.O. Box for you. On the rare occasion this isn't possible, you will be contacted by the courier to make arrangements.

No you can't, I'm sorry! The courier we use cannot deliver to these boxes, you will need to enter an alternative address.

This depends on where you are based. If you're in the UK you can expect your box within 2-4 days. For everywhere else in the world, it can take up to 15 working days, though it will usually be less than that.

Customer Support

If you have ordered a subscription product (a box or book) and this is not yet in pre-shipment (we have not yet sent out the emails check your address), then we can usually cancel and refund this for you. We do not issue refunds if you have a 3 or 6 month pre-paid subscription.

If you have ordered a single purchase item, as long as your order hasn't yet gone into pre-shipment we can usually refund it for you.

If you are subscribed, you can change your address for future renewals by logging into your account on our website. If you have already paid for a subscription box or a single purchase you will need to request an address change by filling in our customer support form

We send an email out to check your address 24Hours before boxes start being packed. Please always check your address in that email and reply to it if the address needs changing.

Please fill out our Customer Support form and we can do that for you! If you change your address in your account, this will not carry over to any orders you have paid for, only future orders.

Before we ship our boxes, we will send you an email confirming your address. If your address is incorrect, reply to that email within 24 hours to have it amended for you. If you change your address in your account at this time, your box will not be sent to the updated address. You need to reply to the email to get the address changed.

Once your box has shipped we cannot change your address and you may be charged additional shipping to have it sent to your correct address.

Firstly, have you checked your junk/promotions folder? If it's not there, please fill out our Customer Support form and we can get it re-sent to you.

Sorry about that! Our packing team have quality control measures in place, but they are only human and occasionally an error is made.

If your box had an item missing, please fill out our Customer Support form within 14 days of receipt of the box and we can arrange for one to be sent out to you.

Check our damage guidelines to see if your item qualifies as damaged. If it does, please fill out our Customer Support form within 14 days of receipt of the box and we can have a replacement sent out to you. Please be ready to provide photos of the damaged item/s and the box, showing the shipping label.

No, unfortunately we are not able to process returns. We will only ship newly released books, occasionally prior to the official release date, so the likelihood is that you will not receive a book you already own. We also provide a few clues about what book we've chosen in our theme reveal posts.

Working With Us

We are always looking for lovely things for Illumicrate! To be considered please fill out our Business Enquiries form. Note that due to the volume of queries we receive, we may not be able to reply to your email.

Thank you for your interest in Illumicrate! At the moment, we are specifically looking for YouTubers with over 5,000 subscribers to potentially do unboxings for us. Fill out our form to send us your information. Note that there are a limited number of boxes and we may not be able to reply to everyone.

Aside from that, we do hold regular rep searches on Instagram, so keep an eye out for an announcement about our next one!