Blood & Blades: The Darkdawn Edition

We are thrilled to announce Blood & Blades: The Darkdawn Edition in collaboration with Jay Kristoff!

This celebration box will come with an exclusive sprayed edge UK hardback of Darkdawn only available with Illumicrate in collaboration with Harper Voyager UK. This edition will be signed by Jay Kristoff.

The box will include over 10 high quality items you’ve come to know and love from us, all created with Jay’s feedback, plus bonus material from Jay. We will have reveals to come, but we are so excited to work with some amazing artists and suppliers and we have some really unique products for the box!

Rep codes are not valid for this box. All sales final.


When will the box ship?

The boxes will ship shortly after the UK release date of Darkdawn, 5th September 2019.

Which edition of the Darkdawn book will I be receiving?
This box will include the Harper Voyager UK edition of Darkdawn, with sprayed edges exclusive to Illumicrate. The book will also be signed by the author Jay Kristoff.

If I have a subscription, do I still need to purchase this box?
This is a one-off, special edition box that is completely separate from our subscription and must be purchased individually.

Will this box count for any pre-order incentives?

YES this box does count for the pre-order incentive! Details here

£63.00 excl VAT (where applicable)

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