High Stakes (September Subscription box) – Single Purchase

We're so excited to announce our September theme is HIGH STAKES! Do you love those books where characters must keep the world from ending, or take part in an impossible quest, or survive a dangerous undercover mission without detection? This is the theme for you!

Our book this month is a gorgeous debut with rich world-building and captivating writing. With local children vanishing, one girl makes the ultimate sacrifice to save them...only to discover things are much worse than she could ever have anticipated. With enemies at every turn, and the fate of the entire kingdom in her hands, we found this book completely impossible to put down! Our Illumicrate edition will feature exclusive STENCILLED SPRAYED EDGES and is signed by the author!

The items will be inspired by Children of Blood and Bone, Carry On, An Ember in the Ashes, Good Omens and more! As ever we'll be featuring gorgeously designed and useful items including an item we've never done before but have wanted to put in a box for AGES! We can't wait to bring you some reveals!


Any orders placed after 10 October will ship with our November boxes (we usually start shipping 20-25th each month)




£26.00 excl VAT (where applicable)

Single purchase of the September 2019, ‘High Stakes’ box only. Note that this is not a subscription and does not guarantee future boxes.

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