Illumicrate Monthly

When you subscribe to Illumicrate, you will receive a carefully curated box each month with:

  • An exclusive edition, new release book, hand-picked by professional bookworms
  • 4-6 themed items, exclusive to Illumicrate
  • Exclusive content from publishers and authors

We work with amazing independent suppliers, publishers & authors to provide quality, exclusive content & design across our books and items to enhance your reading experience.

January 2020 theme

January's theme is The Strength Within! Read about it here


Our boxes ship between 20th-25th of the month.


This subscription renews automatically on the first day of every month. Your first box will be January and you will be charged on 1st January. You can skip a month  anytime by emailing us. Note that if you are in the UK and the European Economic Area, VAT will be added during checkout.


£26.00 excl VAT (where applicable) on the 1st of each month

A month by month subscription to Illumicrate.

First payment: January 1, 2020