Mystery boxes

Introducing our first ever mystery box! With the move to monthly boxes, we are clearing out some of the remaining stock from our older boxes. Each box will include 7-8 items and will be a mix of items from our 2018 quarterly boxes and special edition boxes.

These boxes will NOT include any books. There are also no items from Saints & Scars: The Grishaverse Edition volume 2.  We also CANNOT accommodate any specific item requests. These are the nature of mystery boxes and the items inside are completely random!

Each box will contain:

  • 2 Fabric items
  • A paper item from one of our special edition boxes
  • and more!

Please note that if you ordered any of our special edition boxes and/or quarterly boxes in the past you may receive duplicates. Due to the nature of mystery boxes, we will not issue refunds or accept returns if you are unhappy with the items you received.

Boxes will ship with our March subscription box.

Thanks to @incaseofbookishness for this picture.

£19.00 excl VAT (where applicable)

Only 14 left in stock