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Posted on April 7 2020

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Due to the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, we are seeing many delays for the items in our upcoming boxes. At first, production was halted in many factories to stop the spread of the virus, and while most of those factories are now back in operation, some have a backlog of orders to get through which is slowing production on new orders.

In addition, we are now starting to see major delays in the shipping of finished products. This is due to an increase in the volume of goods being transported via cargo planes, and limits in the amount of flights taking place. This is affecting when products are reaching us. We are now having to ship our products by sea instead, which takes significantly longer than air shipping. We are trying to work ahead to minimise the disruption to customers.

We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to minimise delays to future boxes. While all our March and April products have been heavily affected because of the point in our schedule that the outbreak happened, we are now trying to plan further ahead than usual to try and avoid future boxes shipping late.

We also want to assure you that the fulfilment centre who pack our boxes are taking every precaution to ensure this is done safely both for their employees and our customers. Our packers are spread the required distance apart, are wearing gloves to pack, and have extra sanitising products available. Our shipping company are also taking every precaution with handling boxes.

Here are a few general updates:

  • Our shipping company has reported that their courier partners are able to deliver in almost all countries they ship to. We are seeing delays in shipments both due to the lack of cargo planes and additional border checks, so please do be patient once you receive your tracking email. If there are no tracking updates after a week, or you have any concerns regarding the shipping of your order, please get in touch with us by email
  • We are able to change the delivery address of your order if needed. The last point this can be done is when the ‘Check Your Address’ emails go out to customers approximately 10 working days before orders ship.  These emails need replying to within 24 hours if you need to change the address, and after that point additional address changes are not possible. You do not need to reply if your address is correct. You can change your address for an existing order any time up to this point by emailing us to request it. Please note that changing your address in your account does not change it on any paid-for orders, including subscription renewals. 

Information updated on Thursday 4 June

May Pin Club + past pin orders

These will be shipping in the last week of May.

Update 04.06: These will be shipping tomorrow, apologies for the delay!

Aurora Burning

First wave of boxes (those ordered before 4th May) began shipping on 13th May and have now all shipped. Any orders placed  between 4 May & 28 May will ship in the middle of June. Orders placed after this will ship in July.

The Last Wish

We anticipate The Last Wish beginning to ship in mid-June and so far there are no delays.

June ‘In the Shadows’ boxes & book only

These are on track to start shipping in our usual window of 20-25th

The Folk of the Air sets

These are currently set to ship at the end of June



May ‘Monstrous’ boxes & book only

We have been working hard since February to get these items made and shipped as early as possible to avoid delays. Currently we do not anticipate a delay to this box. Our usual window is to start shipping 20-25th of the month.

Update 20.5: These will begin shipping tomorrow!

Update 21.05: UK tracking emails have been sent, international boxes have begun shipping in batches and tracking emails are sent when the box ships. All boxes should be shipped by early next week.

Unshipped past boxes and books

Orders of unshipped past boxes are shipping with the May boxes.

April Pin Club

We anticipate shipping these on time. We usually ship around the 20th of each month.

Update 30.04: April pins and any past pin orders placed before 7th April will ship tomorrow.

April ‘Squad Goals’ boxes and book only

We are awaiting our last April item, the rest are already at our fulfilment centre. We estimate being able to ship these boxes at the end of our usual shipping window, around the 23-24th April.

Update 22.04: All items are with our fulfilment centre, and they will begin packing the boxes once they have finished the Glamour & Gold packing. We now estimate these boxes will ship at the very end of April.

Update 24.04: Our packing team began on these boxes today, and they will ship next week

Update 30.04: April boxes & book only began shipping yesterday. UK tracking emails should be sent out tomorrow. International orders are shipped out in batches over several days, with tracking sent when your box ships. We expect all boxes to have shipped by the middle of next week.

Glamour & Gold: The Shadowhunters Edition

We are awaiting shipment of our final item still. We estimated shipping these boxes next week, and we hope that will still be the case. Once the item has shipped we will be able to provide an update.

Update 14.04: The final item has now shipped and is en-route to us. Once we have an estimated delivery date we’ll be able to update on when the boxes will ship.

Update 20.04: The boxes are now being packed and we anticipate them beginning to ship next week

Update 24.04: Our amazing packing team got these ready sooner than expected and they began shipping yesterday. UK tracking emailed out 24.04. International orders are shipped out in batches over several days, with tracking sent when your box ships. We expect all boxes to have shipped by the middle of next week.

Nevernight reprint sets

Whilst these weren’t affected by the pandemic, unfortunately a finish was left off the books, which was discovered when they were delivered to us on the 17th March. The books have been collected and are back with the printers to be corrected. Due to staff shortages, they estimated the work to take 4 weeks, which would see the books arrive back with us the week of 13th April. Currently that is unchanged.

Update: 16.04: The books are back at our fulfilment centre and are being packed now! They will commence shipping on Monday 20th

March ‘Worlds Collide’ boxes and book only

These began shipping on Friday 3rd April. All UK boxes were collected by Royal Mail on the 3rd. Our international boxes were also collected on the 3rd. Our international boxes are processed and shipped in batches over a period of several days. All boxes have now been processed, and those that have not yet shipped will be shipping this week.


We can only apologise for the amount of delays we are facing. These are unprecedented times and so much is completely beyond our control. The situation is changing constantly, and we are doing everything we can to stop this affecting our customers.

We want to assure you that every product you’ve ordered will be shipped to you and we will do our best to provide timely updates. We know delays are disappointing and frustrating, we are disappointed and frustrated right alongside you because this is not a situation we ever like to find ourselves in. We truly appreciate the amount of patience and understanding you have shown us at Illumicrate, and we cannot express how much it means to us. We hope that you’re all keeping safe and well, and encourage you to follow any government guidelines set out to help protect yourselves and others.


With love,

The Illumicrate Team